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11th Dec 2023

Ryan Tubridy is to make his return to TV this month

Jody Coffey

Ryan Tubridy

“He does mention the words Late Late Show”

Later this month, Ryan Tubridy will make his return to Irish TV.

The former Late Late host will have the roles reversed as he is to appear as a guest on Dave Fanning’s Virgin Media show, ‘Fanning At Whelan’s’.

However, the broadcaster will not be speaking about his exit from RTÉ.

In an interview with the Sunday World, Dave clarified that, while the Late Late Show does come up in conversation, the hidden payments controversy is not discussed.

“I’m not talking to him about RTÉ, it’s just about the music.

“He does mention the words Late Late Show twice in it. I don’t go near it.”

Tubridy, does, however, open up about his upcoming broadcasting role, among other things.

“I just want to talk to him about his music and wish him good luck on Virgin Radio and all that type of thing. I’m not interested in using Ryan to bash RTÉ, it doesn’t make sense, he’s on the programme talking music … next!

Tubridy’s new gig on Virgin Radio in London was announced in mid-November.

At the time, the presenter spoke to the Irish Daily Mirror about his excitement, while giving thanks to his girlfriend, Dr. Clare Kambamettu, for her unwavering support.

“We’re playing senior hurling now, you know – it’s a real dream come true.

“She’s [Clare] all over this. I don’t need Chris Evans to show me around. Yeah, she’s got this covered. She’s wonderful.”

Clare was crowned Rose of Tralee in 2010 after contesting as the London Rose.

Tubridy revealed that since the news broke of his new high-profile radio gig, his two daughters, Ella and Julia, have also been his biggest supporters and he is already planning for their visits to London.

“My girls are the least demanding young women you’ve ever met – they’re just beautiful souls. And their excitement has been so nicely placed. It was firstly for their da, and secondly for the fun we’re going to have together.”

“I love the museums here, the culture, the parks, even looking out to the skyscape here at the Shard, the Gherkin, you know if you’re bored of London you’re a fool. I’m going to rent, I want to find a nice apartment or something like that, with room for the girls. That’s the plan.”