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09th Dec 2023

Station 19 has officially been canceled after season seven

Kat O'Connor

Station 19 fans are going to be pretty disappointed

Station 19 has been canceled at ABC, according to Variety.

The popular drama series won’t return to our TV screens after the seventh season.

The news was confirmed by Disney’s Craig Erwich last night.

He said the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off has been a huge success, but the show won’t continue after season seven.

“For seven seasons ‘Station 19’ has been a highlight of the ABC lineup thanks to Shonda and Betsy’s incredible vision, beloved characters, and compelling storytelling.

“With Zoanne and Peter at the helm of the upcoming farewell season, we have so much to look forward to, most notably the celebration of the show’s milestone 100th episode,” he said.

The show is the second Grey’s Anatomy spin-off that Shonda Rhimes created.

It followed the lives of male and female firefighters who worked at Seattle Fire Station 19.

Fans were hugely disappointed following the announcement.

“This is the worst decision by ABC. I really hope another network or streaming service picks up this gold and makes so much money,” one said.

Another added, “This is so wrong, have you seen the station 19 ratings? It doesn’t make sense to end the show.”

“I can’t believe they’re canceling my favourite show,” another said.

The final season of Station 19 will air in March 2024.