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16th Apr 2024

Ryan Tubridy opens up about the harrowing loss of his father

Kat O'Connor

Ryan Tubridy

Ryan Tubridy has reflected on the loss of his dad

Broadcaster Ryan Tubridy has opened up about the harrowing loss of his father, Patrick.

The presenter’s dad sadly passed away in 2013 but Tubridy recently opened up about it during the first episode of his podcast.

He told his guest David McWilliams that he found moving on with ‘normal’ life one of the hardest things to do.

He said it felt wrong to live a normal life after his father’s death.

Tubridy said, “Don’t you know this great guy is gone? How can you be going in to buy bread? That’s so mundane.”

Tubridy explained that it feels like you’re entire world has been turned upside down when you lose a parent.

You know you need to carry on with your normal day but it can feel nearly impossible.

“It’s like someone flicked the globe and everything’s changed and actually, your landscape in your daily life is littered with landmines, with emotional tripwires and you suddenly find [you feel like] “hold it together, hold it together” because no one else cares and certainly doesn’t understand why you’re suddenly having a moment because you saw a packet of Silk Cut Purple because it reminds you of your father.”

The presenter has been praised for being so open and honest about grief and how it is something you carry with you for life.