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30th Aug 2018

Prince Harry called out by Halle Berry for having a poster of her in his dorm bedroom

Jade Hayden


If you were a teenage boy in the late ’90s, early 2000s and you didn’t have a poster of Halle Berry in your bedroom, honestly what were you doing with your life?

She’s a great actor, she seems lovely, she’s stunningly beautiful – what more could you possibly want from a nice picture of a person hanging above your bed?

One lad who did have a photo of Halle in his room growing up was Prince Harry. And there’s photographic evidence of it and everything.

Back when Harry was attending Eton college, photographers were given access to the prince’s dorm room to snap a few shots of where he’d been living.

In the room were a load of things that you’d expect to find in an 18-year-old’s bedroom like CDs, a stereo, books, and clothes strewn about the place.

There was also this giant cut out of Halle Berry pinned to the wall and Harry sitting proudly in front of it.


The photo didn’t go unnoticed by many people, one of which was Halle herself who decided to tweet the image.

She wrote: “OK Prince Harry, I see you!” including a crying laughing face and a ‘HalleBerryPosta’ hashtag.

She also tagged Missy Elliot.

Beautiful work, Halle.

Harry attended Eton between 1998 and 2003.

He and William went against Windsor tradition in doing so – his father and grandfather had been educated at Gordonstoun in Scotland, but Princess Diana’s dad and brother had both gone to Eton.