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10th Nov 2019

People think Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning to have their second child

Cathy Donohue

Prince Harry

Did Prince Harry hint at a second baby?

During a recent visit to military families in Windsor, the topic reportedly came up in conversation.

Prince Harry and Meghan made a surprise appearance at an army coffee morning held to honour families of deployed servicemen and women.

According to reports, the proud dad was keen to discuss what it’s like to have two children and aaaaaah, the excitement!

Hello! magazine reports that army wife Susie Stringfellow spoke to the dad of one who was keen to know about her children and also of the other people in attendance:

 “Harry was really quite interested in how things were with second children as well because we both have older children”.

Suzie went on to say that she and some of the other women present were telling him how great it is to have two children.

As fans of the royal couple might remember, Prince Harry previously said that he and Meghan would like to have “two children, maximum” in an interview with British Vogue a few months back.

Meghan and Harry welcomed baby Archie in May of this year and who can forget Harry’s excitement as he spoke about his son’s arrival.

In case you need a reminder, have a look here.

Meghan was also keen to talk about their little boy and revealed that he recently started crawling, a major baby milestone.

Harry also said that he is trying new foods and Amy Thompson, who spoke to him, recalled the chat.

Speaking to Forces Network, she said:

“Harry was saying how little Archie was starting to crawl, started eating different foods…”.