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21st May 2019

Kate Middleton always keeps a lunch box in her car and we love her for it

A woman after our own hearts.

Anna O'Rourke

Kate Middleton – she’s just like us.

Well, not really. She is world-famous, obscenely wealthy and always looks glam when stepping out in public (can’t say the same for us) but just like any other busy gal with lots on, she likes to be prepared for all eventualities.

It’s reported that the Duchess of Cambridge always has a snack packed in her car wherever she goes.

Rather than stopping along the way for a jambon, Kate likes to bring her own food when she travels and is never without a tupperware lunch box with some nibbles for when she gets peckish, according to Hello!.

Check out this image taken last March as Kate attended an event in London – you can just about see a lunchbox sitting up on the armrest in the back seat of her car.

The one thing Kate Middleton always keeps in her car just makes us love her more

Meghan Markle meanwhile likes to travel with specific bottles of water – ones that have been given the royal stamp of approval, of course.

Bottles of Hildon natural mineral water, both still and sparkling, were spotted in the back of the Duchess of Sussex’s car last year.

The brand carries the royal warrant, which is given to the royal family’s favourite products.

The one thing Kate Middleton always keeps in her car just makes us love her more

“The warrant is a highly-prized seal of approval that is granted after an extremely rigorous audit process,” said Hildon’s executive director Debbie Jones.

“This means a great deal to the whole team.”