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13th Jun 2023

Niall Horan reveals girlfriend’s reaction to the new song he wrote about her

Just Niall melting our hearts again

Mullingar native, Niall Horan released his third studio album on Friday, June 9th called The Show.

Ahead of its release, the Irish star opened up about how his girlfriend, Amelia Woolley inspired some of his latest tracks.

Speaking to ET Canada, it was suggested that Niall’s new album is very relationship oriented and he agreed.

He said: “Yeah, 100%. I’m in a relationship, so I think that comes with [it].

“Usually it’s the love songs or heartbreak songs, so it’s nice to be able to write better, you know, more happier stuff.”

When asked how Amelia feels about his music and his new songs in particular, Niall said she was very taken aback when she first listened to them.

He said his hit, ‘You Could Start a Cult‘ is a metaphor for being madly in love.

During an interview with Bustle, Horan was asked if he was madly in love to which the 29-year-old singer answered: “That’s dead right.”

Elsewhere in that interview, Niall opened up about why he wants to keep his relationship private. He has been dating Amelia since 2020 and has maintained a very private romance.

He said: “If everyone knew everything, [my songwriting] wouldn’t be as candid, would it?

“There’d be all these theories, and I’m not in town for that. I’m here to write what’s on my brain, and love happens to be one of those things that’s flying around me.”

Niall recently said he takes a lot of musical inspiration from Amelia’s parents who are “obsessed with each other”.

He spoke about them in a recent interview and said he loves watching them together. They laugh together, “get drunk and dance together” and he loves that.

He compared her family to his own and said he comes from a divorced family so it’s very different.


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