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10th Apr 2014

‘My Dad Had To Break My Door Down’ – Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Battle With Depression

The singer has now overcome her battles.


We all know her as an outgoing and controversial twerkmeister but it seems Miley Cyrus has gone through some tough times behind the scenes.

The We Can’t Stop singer has revealed that she has struggled with depression in the past and admitted that father Billy Ray Cyrus had to intervene when she was at her lowest ebb.

“I went through a time where I was really depressed. Like, I locked myself in my room and my dad had to break my door down,” she said.

“It was a lot to do with… I had really bad skin and I felt really bullied because of that. But I never was depressed because of the way someone else made me feel. I just was depressed.”

She added that her fans have connected with her troubled past and her success has “helped them get over theirs”.

“That gives me a big purpose – a reason to wake up in the morning that’s bigger than to put on my feathers and my little outfits.”

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Cyrus also admitted that going through a high profile break-up with fiancé Liam Hemsworth and pursuing her career away from Disney has shaken her confidence but added that “now I’m free of both of those things and I’m fine”.

“When I went through a really intense break-up – you know, I was engaged – the thing that gave me the most anxiety was not knowing what to do with myself when Disney wasn’t there to carry me any more or if I didn’t have him,” she said.

“I lay in bed at night by myself and I’m totally OK and that’s so much stronger than the person three years ago, who would have thought they would have died if they didn’t have a boyfriend.”