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15th Mar 2023

Molly-Mae cruelly mum-shamed after sharing photos of her daughter’s nursery

Clodagh McKeon

When will the trolls stop?

Molly-Mae, 23, shared some snaps of her daughter Bambi’s nursery last night and people were quick to comment nasty things criticising the new mum.

The ex-islander showed off the room that’s kitted out with a £8,000 transparent cot that has cloud shaped lights hanging above it that are estimated to cost over £8,100.

Molly uploaded three new photos to her Molly Maison Instagram account that has over 1.3 million followers.

She posted beautiful photos of the nursery showing a painting on the wall of the classic Disney character Bambi, which is a cute tribute to her daughter Bambi.

She captioned the post: “The Nursery. It only took me nearly 2 months to find the time to take pics of Bambi’s room… a part of the house that feels like a little slice of heaven.”

Molly’s house is worth £3.5 million and the social media account dedicated to showing off her home captures just how stunning it is.

However, people we flooding the comments with hate writing nasty things about the influencer and her family.

One wrote: “Fridge compartment cot.”

Another rudely said: “The cot looks like a secure unit from a museum. Just missing the laser beams round it. Sorry but does not look cosy or comforting at all.”

A third echoed: “Love the room. But that cot does not look cosy.”

Some people clearly being very critical of the new mum and her decorating choices.

Others tried to share advice but came across condescending: “Stunning but try and add a bit of colour or black and white picture book even in her cot on the side for when she’s just relaxing in there.

“We tell all parents that it’s fab for stimulation for baby and sensory. The room is lovely for you but for her lots of sensory colours will really help her flourish and help her development.”

Molly and Tommy are new parents are seem to be doing a great job.

Lots of her fans are super encouraging and comment positive things on Molly’s posts.

One wrote: “Dreamy. I love every detail.”