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09th Dec 2023

‘I’ve been going through it’ – Molly Mae shares emotional update

Kat O'Connor

Molly Mae told her fans that she’s been struggling recently

Molly Mae has posted a brief update video following a difficult few weeks for the influencer.

The mum’s relationship has been hit with waves of cheating speculation and fans have grown concerned for the influencer.

Molly took a break from posting videos on her YouTube channel but uploaded a pre-recorded one last night.

Towards the end of the half-hour video, the mum explains why she hasn’t been around as much.

She also apologised to her fans for the video as she felt it wasn’t one of her best.

“Guys, I don’t really know what to come on here and tell you right now. I know how bad I look. Trust me, however bad I look, I feel 20 times worse.”

“I have been going through it in more ways than one,” Molly Mae revealed.

The former Love Island star said she hopes she will be able to start filming again in a week.

“I am hoping, in say about a week, I might be in a place mentally, physically emotionally where I can start filming some proper content for you guys again and get back on my channel,” she said.

She asked her followers to be patient with her but promised she would return as soon as she could.

“So please bear with me, I am really desperate to come back to you guys. I love you guys and I will speak to you very soon,” she added.

The video comes after Molly Mae’s partner Tommy Fury was accused of cheating on her.

Insiders also claimed Molly was ‘mortified’ after footage of Tommy Fury clubbing with Chris Brown went viral.

The pair have not responded to the break-up or cheating claims, but fans have been showering Molly Mae with support ever since the rumours started.