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09th Dec 2023

Joanne McNally says she doesn’t believe in marriage

Kat O'Connor

Joanne McNally was appearing on last night’s Late Late Show

Joanne McNally has opened up about her views on marriage and we adore how honest she is.

The podcast host was discussing relationships and marriage during her appearance on the show.

She explained to Late Late Show host Patrick Kielty that marriage just isn’t for her.

“I actually don’t think I believe in marriage, I think I kind of outgrown it now,” she told the presenter.

McNally admitted she doesn’t really see the point but that’s just her opinion.

“I think 40, it’s like you’ve either done it now or what’s the point?” she added.

“That’s how I feel about it,” Joanna said.

The comedian said she’s looking forward to spending this Christmas with her boyfriend and her family.

She told Patrick Kielty that spending time with her mum is incredibly important to her.

She described her mum as one of her best friends.

“My mother, she’s 70-odd now but I’m paranoid about how many Christmases she has left, which sounds really grim but this is what I think about now,” she said.

Joanne McNally said she will do whatever it takes to make sure they have a special Christmas because you never know what could happen next year.

She quipped, ” Every Christmas is about making her happy, we’re making memories.”