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12th Nov 2017

Millie Bobby Brown met Drake and the internet can’t deal with the pics


Jade Hayden


Ah, stop.

Over the weekend, Millie Bobby Brown met Drake and the pictures honestly look like a Stranger Things cast meet-and-greet.

One might expect a 13-year-old girl to be in awe of literal Drake upon meeting him, but no, it was the Canadian singer who looked like he’d queued approximately three hours to meet his idol.

It’s adorable and we support it very much.

Just look how happy he is.

Bless them.

The pictures were shared on each of the stars’ respective Instagrams yesterday.

They’ve already racked up a solid 5.5 million likes between them and we can see why.

Seeing as both Millie and Drake were both in Australia over the weekend, it was understandable that they decided to hang out for a bit.

And everybody on the internet is very, very glad that they did.

Stranger Things 2 is now streaming on Netflix.