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03rd Jan 2024

Michelle Keegan reveals she sacrificed milestones for her career

Kat O'Connor

Michelle Keegan says she’s made ‘a lot of sacrifices’

Michelle Keegan may have become a household name after starring in Coronation Street, but the actress is set for even more success with the release of her new Netflix series Fool Me Once.

Keegan recently opened up about her career and the sacrifices she made along the way.

In an interview with The Observer, Keegan admitted that things haven’t always been easy.

She explained that she will always have to deal with people judging her, no matter what role she plays.

After leaving Corrie, Keegan landed a role in the BBC drama Our Girl.

Despite an incredible performance, viewers still passed remarks on how the actress looked.

She told the publication that she “totally threw herself into it”.

The show may have been a huge success, but viewers continued to focus on Keegan’s looks rather than her talent.

“It was so nerve-racking. But the main thing I remember were the comments about how I was wearing too much mascara. It wasn’t about my work, it was just about what I looked like.”

The actress acknowledged that there are bad elements to life in the spotlight, but her hard work and dedication meant she could build her dream home with husband, Mark Wright.

Keegan lives in a €3.5 million mansion in Essex with the former reality star.

Speaking about their ‘dream home’, Keegan said she still feels emotional about the home they’ve created together.

“It still gets me emotional. Because we’ve worked really hard for it. We’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices,” she shared.

The actress continued, “I missed lots of milestones in my life due to work.”

“Mark went to LA and we spent months apart, which was hard. But, it’s worth it. And the house it’s also about security. Because you never know when all this is going to end,” she explained.

Keegan has been married to Mark Wright since 2015.