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16th Aug 2018

Meghan Markle’s dad didn’t attend her first wedding either

Olivia Hayes

thomas markle

Thomas Markle has been causing a storm in the media lately.

He’s getting paid to be interviewed by various media outlets, spewing out one story after another (and tbh, we don’t believe the majority – if not all – of them).

He’s insinuated that Meghan marrying Prince Harry has put a spanner in their relationship, but it turns out that they have not been close for years – and he even opted to not attend her first wedding.

In 2011, Meghan married film producer Trevor Engelson in Jamaica. 100 guests attending the wedding, including her mother Doria, however Thomas was nowhere to be seen.

And now – finally – people are questioning whether their relationship was ever really that good in the first place:

Tbh, we just think people should stop paying him to be interviewed…