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03rd Feb 2023

Love Island’s Anna-May admits she thinks one of the girls is playing a game

Ellen Fitzpatrick


Love Island star Anna-May Robey has opened up since leaving the villa, and according to her, one of the girls is playing a game.

Speaking about who she thinks is on the show for all the wrong reasons, Anna-May admitted she believes Jessie Wynter is not all that.

When Jessie entered the villa, she and Will immediately got along well and have been inseparable since.

But Anna-May thinks things may not be what they seem with the couple.

Speaking to Grazia UK, the 20 year old was asked: “Who do you think is playing the biggest game?”

Anna-May immediately responded with Jessie, saying: “I think she came in and she went straight to Will. She didn’t really give any of the other boys a chance.

“Obviously, she’s been on Love Island before, and she’s watched it before coming in, so she kind of knows who the public like.


Jessie is playing the biggest game? 👀 Islanders David and Anna May answer our 10 Hot Questions and reveal weather they think #Tanya and #Shaq are real… #loveisland

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“I could be wrong, but that’s just what I think.”

And her co-star David Salako added: “I agree. Everything Anna-May said I literally agree with. I think Jessie could be playing a game.”

In other Love Island news, fans are going off Shaq after his antics during last night’s episode.

Viewers had been praising the islander this week after he called out Ron for disrespecting Lana after his head turned.

Fans deemed him “the realest person in the villa” after he was brutally honest with Ron, and it wasn’t the first time fans had seen this side of him.

Viewers now seem to have changed their tune after last night’s episode when Tanya was voted the best kisser in the villa and Shaq was not happy with the outcome.

Despite Shaq himself giving Tanya the highest score, he was less than impressed that she had shared such passionate kisses with each of the other boys.

Leaving us hanging yet again, Shaq tells the boys he isn’t speaking to Tanya while she tells the girls that this behaviour is what gives her the ick.

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