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06th Jul 2023

Love Island’s Andrew Le Page reveals he was diagnosed with a brain tumour aged 20

Love Island star Andrew Le Page has revealed he was diagnosed with a brain tumour aged 20.

The reality star shared the shocking news on his girlfriend Tasha’s podcast ‘Superpowers‘.

Andrew revealed that there was a lump inside his skull for quite some time, but he was hesitant about getting it checked out. Luckily, his brother took action and pushed Andrew to see a doctor.

Andrew shared: “I had like a lump on my head for like a few years, and my brother felt it and was like “Andrew, what is that?” and I was like “I don’t know, I’ve had it for a while”.

“Then and there, he called up the doctor and got me an appointment and I had an MRI, then went back to the doctors again, and they told me I had this brain tumour,” he said.

Following the scary news, the estate agent went back to his car and sobbed. He said he couldn’t even talk because he was in such shock.

Andrew went back to work after his doctor’s appointment but realised he needed time to process what was happening. He said a colleague stepped in and told the boss he needed time off to deal with the news.

Luckily, the Love Island star’s tumour was successfully removed.

He travelled from Guernsey to London for the operation but stressed that he is doing well after the surgery.

“It was scary, really scary. Like this is major, having a brain tumour at 20.

“Within two weeks, I flew to London and had surgery, got it removed, but at the time it was so scary, like what could have been.”