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31st May 2023

Louise Cooney shares the wholesome reason she doesn’t want to know her baby’s gender

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Louise Cooney has shared the wholesome reason that she doesn’t want to find out her baby’s gender and why she’s so excited for it to be a surprise.

Louise announced she is expecting her first baby with her boyfriend Mark Sweeney earlier this month and has now taken to her Instagram story to share the special reason she is keeping the gender a secret.

Speaking in a Q&A, the influencer was asked: “Congrats on your great news. Exciting times for ye both. Will ye find out the sex or wait?”

Louise responded: “Awh thank you so much. We’re not gonna find out, we both were totally on the same page about waiting for the surprise.

“That moment where they hand you the baby and tell you… makes me [watery eye emoji] even thinking about it.

“I imagine that makes the labor feel so worth it. But also totally get why you’d find out, being able to pick a name and call them that for the next few months, buy things with a gender in mind and just knowing what’s in there must make it feel so real.”

As incredible as pregnancy is, the changes that come with it can be incredibly overwhelming, especially for first-time mums. Louise said she has experienced nearly every pregnancy symptom.

The mum-to-be said she doesn’t feel normal, but couldn’t be happier to be pregnant with her first child.

She told her followers: “My body looks normal but it doesn’t feel normal. I definitely don’t feel normal.”

“I’ve had nearly every symptom… I feel totally bloated every day, my boobs are so sore and they have been constantly for the last two weeks,” she shared.

“I’ve been very windy like burping and stuff – not smelly, there’s just air. The constant cramps are bothering me and I’m so tired every night. I’m fine usually during the day but I’m exhausted by nighttime. And I need to pee all the time.”


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