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27th Feb 2024

Ciara posts inspiring photoshoot embracing her postpartum body

Jody Coffey


“You are showing your beauty before during and after pregnancy and empowering women and mommies”

Ciara is being praised for sharing and embracing her postpartum body.

In a world where perfection and unrealistic body standards are seen daily across social media, the mum has been commended for her ‘unfiltered’ photoshoot three months after giving birth.

The mum-of-four welcomed her youngest child, Amora Princess, in December 2023, with her husband, Russell Wilson.

She and Wilson also share Sienna, 6, and Win Harrison, 3, together.

The singer welcomed her first child, Future, 9, with her ex-fiance, Future, in 2014.

In her recently uploaded photoshoot, Ciara can be seen confidently embracing her body and ‘all stages of life’, strutting in her swimwear while on holiday.

The post has garnered attention for being a beautiful reminder of what real postpartum bodies look like.

Users were quick to praise the Level Up singer for her refreshing transparency and honest depiction of what a body looks like after pregnancy and childbirth.

“A woman’s body after pregnancy is not showcased enough. People with influence will lie about being pregnant, have a baby and then come back with surgery done. You are showing your beauty before during and after pregnancy and empowering women and mommies everywhere,” one user wrote.

“Love this!!! Thank you for showing what postpartum body looks like. Beautiful,” another praised.

“I’m so happy to see all the positive comments! I’m TIRED of this “Snap Back” BS! The idea that after a woman gives birth you’re suppose to look like you were never pregnant! F DAT! Conceive, incubate, have a safe delivery and a health baby and Mommy!” a third added.

“Thank you for embracing your postpartum body. Enough of pressure to snap back. We need time to heal. You look gorgeous!” a fourth wrote.

Among the comments was Ciara’s husband who complimented his wife and mother of his children on her glowing confidence: “Beautiful Black Queen. I Love You.”