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09th Jul 2021

Lottie Ryan says son Wolf is a “gift from dad” Gerry Ryan

Kat O'Connor

“Maybe they already met somewhere else…”

Lottie Ryan has opened up about becoming a mum for the first time. The presenter welcomed her baby boy Wolf into the world last month and it sounds like she’s loving this new chapter of her life already.

The new mum said the sweetest thing about her son in an interview with RSVP. Lottie, whose father Gerry Ryan died in 2010, believes her father played a special part in Wolf’s arrival.

“I feel like maybe it was a gift from dad and that they already met somewhere else,” she shared.

She continued, “I’m not a particularly religious person but there’s part of me that wonders how we got that lucky, and how did we get pregnant after just three weeks?”

The mum welcomed her son into the world at 33 weeks, but he is already thriving. She said her husband Fabio has been loving every second of fatherhood so far.

“He’s been waiting years for this. So for him, he was just pure joy.”

Pregnancy was no easy journey for Lottie, who had to attend hospital appointments alone due to the pandemic. She explained that being in hospital without her husband was tough at times.

“You could be in for hours at a time sometimes and Fab would just be sitting out there in the car, texting me to see how I am and trying to distract me to keep my spirits up. It wasn’t easy on me, especially if I was having to come back to the car and relay information to him that the doctor had given me, that’s not easy to do either.”


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She praised the hospital staff who have had to cope with the unimaginable over the past 16 months.

“They’re doing their very best and I understand they have to be very careful.”

Lottie thanked the staff at Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital who were there when she welcomed her baby boy at 33 weeks.

“Forever grateful to the incredible staff at The Rotunda, particularly NICU – they’re are no words to describe how much we appreciate how well you looked after Wolf,” she wrote when announcing her son’s arrival.