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26th Oct 2023

Lorraine Kelly slated over ‘nasty’ Angela Scanlon comments

Lorraine Kelly has been called out after she mocked Angela Scanlon’s skin tone

Angela Scanlon has been defended after TV presenter Lorraine Kelly mocked her skin tone.

The ‘Strictly’ star was appearing on Lorraine Kelly’s ITV show with her professional dance partner, Carlos Gu.

During their interview, the pair discussed one ‘Strictly’ tradition Angela hasn’t been following.

The broadcaster has decided not to wear fake tan because she wants to embrace her pale skin and we’re so here for it.

Lorraine told Angela: “You’re almost blue to be fair.”

Her comment may not have been ill-intended, but fans of Angela’s were quick to call her out.

@itvlorraine “If I’m telling them to be comfortable in their own skin and embrace what they have but I don’t embody that myself, it feels hypocritical” 💕 What @Angela Scanlon won’t do in #Strictly for the sweetest reason #Lorraine ♬ original sound – Lorraine

One said: “I’d be exactly the same as Angela! I’m just trying to embrace my pale skin. Lorraine doesn’t know anything!”

Another said: “Cancel this woman! She always makes rude comments to guests.”

Others said the ‘backhanded’ comment was so uncalled for and was extremely unprofessional.

“So bad! Lorraine openly laughing at her, and Angela handled the interview very professionally. It’s a shame Lorraine couldn’t do the same.”

“I can’t believe Lorraine is still on TV, she’s literally so condescending and outdated,” another said.

We love how Angela is embracing her beautiful pale skin. It’s helping others embrace their natural beauty and shut down the societal pressures so many of us face on a daily basis.

As Angela perfectly puts it, she wants to show others, especially her daughters, that being true to yourself is so important.

Her stance is bound to encourage many to stop feeling embarrassed about their pale skin and we love to see it.