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24th Jan 2023

Liberty Poole has a theory as to why Olivia and Zara really have beef on Love Island

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Liberty, you’re on to something.

Love Island’s Liberty Poole thinks she has cracked the code on the beef between Olivia and Zara on this year’s show.

Liberty is convinced she has worked out why the two “don’t like each other” and why Zara called Olivia “two-faced” during the beer pong challenge.

The two islanders have been bickering over the last few days, with Zara choosing Tom at the recoupling which led to a massive blowup on last night’s episode.

The heated exchange saw Zara call Olivia “childish” while Olivia ran into the villa in tears saying: “She’s such a bitch.”

While the two now seem to have drawn a line and opted to get over it for the sake of the other islanders, Liberty has a new theory that there is more than meets the eye.

@lookingforlewys liberty has the mind of a mastermind… she cracked zara and olivia’s beef (full ep on youtube) #loveisland ♬ original sound – lewys

By now, we all know the two know each other outside of the villa and were once friends – or at least somewhat friendly.

But Liberty is convinced the two were way closer than we are led to believe and had a massive falling out before the series began.

Speaking on the Pop Off with Lewys Ball podcast, the influencer said: “So basically, I’ve seen that they knew each other before the villa. I also picked up on that Olivia said, ‘Ugh she had to kiss the guy I liked, she’s done it again.’

“So I was like, ‘Hang on, were you guys friends before and [Zara’s] got with a guy [Olivia liked], and that’s why you’re not mates anymore and there’s that tension already?’”

Liberty went on to point out that it was only hours into her time in the villa when Zara called Olivia two-faced, noting: “There’s an underlying story there that we don’t know yet…”

“I really think that they were friends and [Zara] got with a boy that [Olivia] used to date and that’s why she was like, ‘She’s done it again.’”

Only time will tell…

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