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10th Jan 2022

Kellie Harrington confirms engagement to girlfriend Mandy Loughlin

Sarah McKenna Barry

Huge congratulations are in order!

Olympic gold medalist Kellie Harrington has confirmed that she is engaged to her long-term girlfriend Mandy Loughlin.

The Dublin boxer who represented Ireland at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, took to Instagram to share that their wedding is less than three months away.

On her story, Kellie explained that the pair are less than prepared for their upcoming wedding.

She said: “Wedding planning for a wedding that is 3months away is definitely STRESSFUL.

“No venue, not a stitch of clothes not knowing who to invite or where to bloody start.”

She continued: “When people said planning a wedding is stressful I never believed it till now.”

Kellie then tagged Mandy and joked that they’re both used to performing under pressure.

“Working under pressure is what we’re used to I think?” she said.

Kellie and Mandy have been together since 2009, having first met through boxing. The pair met at the same club in Bray, and they now share two dogs Nidge and Macy together.

In a previous interview on RTÉ Radio One, Mandy spoke about how they met.

She told Ryan Tubridy: “We met 13 years ago in boxing when she used to have to trek over to Bray to train where I was training at the time.

“We met there and clicked and the rest is history.”

Mandy then explained that because they’re from different sides of the city, there was an expectation that they wouldn’t even be friends.

She said: “I suppose it’s just such a difference – a north inner city girl and a southside girl might just not get on straight away but opposites obviously attract and it was the best thing ever.”

After returning home from Tokyo this summer, Kellie spoke about how she’s never put a label on her sexuality.

She said: “I’ll be very honest, I don’t see myself as part of any community, I’m just me, Mandy’s just Mandy and we’re just in a relationship.”

She added: “My sexuality has nothing got to do with that medal and what I’ve achieved.”

Feature image: Brendan Moran/Sportsfile