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13th Jul 2021

Kate “not keen” on Prince George wearing football kit to match

Prince George

It wasn’t Kate’s first choice of dress.

We’ve all seen that clip of Prince George at the Euros final living his best life by now, we know, it’s so adorable.

But there was one part of it all that really struck people, the seven year old was dressed in a full suit, tie and all.

Ok, so obviously we can all see he’s clearly wearing it, but many people were just confused as to why someone so young at a match wasn’t kitted out in the team’s gear.

Apparently, Prince William wanted his son to wear an England shirt to the game, but it was Kate Middleton who decided to put her foot down.

According to tennis player Marion Bartoli, who had spoken to Kate at Wimbledon last weekend, she revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t a big fan of having her eldest son in a football jersey.

She told BBC Radio 5: “Yesterday I had an afternoon tea with the duchess and it was very much a discussion whether George will be allowed to wear the jersey tonight at Wembley or not.

“William was for it, Kate not so keen, so we’ll see.”

Prince George made our hearts swoon when he watched England’s Luke Shaw score an early goal, we just wanted to run up and hug him.

As he stood watching with his parents William and Kate, their eldest son laughed and clapped when he scored the goal, no one in the stadium seemed happier than George.

Laughing with his dad, it wasn’t long before George leapt into his mum’s arms for a big squeeze.

Even if he wasn’t wearing the English jersey, the future king can be forgiven considering the suit he ended up wearing to the match made the whole incident way more adorable.