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27th Nov 2018

Kate Middleton was ‘in tears’ during the run up to Meghan and Harry’s wedding

Olivia Hayes

It comes amid rumours Kate and Meghan are feuding.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate Middleton was left in tears in the run up to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding.

Apparently, after Kate welcomed Prince Louis, she was feeling quite emotional, an insider said.

And now, two sources have told The Telegraph that Kate was ‘in tears’ when Princess Charlotte was trying on her bidesmaid dress for Meghan’s wedding.

“Kate had only just given birth to Prince Louis and was feeling quite emotional,” they said.

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It comes after a royal correspondent has tweeted that some members of the royal family find Meghan hard to deal with.

Richard Palmer wrote that the Duchess of Sussex is regarded as “difficult and demanding” by many people she’s close with, including members of Kensington Palace staff.

Palmer also said that there was little truth to the story that Meghan and Harry were moving out because of a “fall out” with Kate Middleton.

The Daily Express correspondent took to Twitter yesterday, writing:

“The story behind Harry and Meghan’s move to Frogmore Cottage? Harry and Meghan spreading their wings. No big fallout but Kate and Meghan not close. No royal properties available in London apparently.

“The crazies on Twitter won’t like it but it is clear that Meghan is regarded as difficult and demanding by some in the family and on the staff.”