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26th Jul 2023

Kady McDermott spills all on Ella and Whitney’s Love Island fight

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Kady McDermott has revealed the real reason behind Ella Thomas and Whitney Adebayo’s massive argument on Love Island.

The two have been close since the beginning of the series but got into a heated argument after the ‘Couple Goals’ challenge last week.

The drama started when Ella went to use the shower after Whitney had said she was waiting to use it next.

Whitney told her: “Ella, are you being serious? I’ve been waiting.”

Later that evening, Ella decided to address the tension between the two, saying: “I want to get this off my chest because I don’t want to give it energy, but it actually upset me when you called me selfish in the dressing room.

“It really upset me because I wouldn’t speak to my friend like that. I feel like that was coming for my character.”

Whitney replied: “I wasn’t joking Ella. Sometimes you do have selfish tendencies. I have never met a selfish person like you.”

Ella added: “That is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard,” before Whitney replied, “You know I only tell the truth.”

Ella then said: “You actually think you’re family the way you speak to me and it’s not okay.”

As they went back and fourth, the two ended up storming off before receiving a text to ask them to leave the villa and sort out their issues.

Speaking on the Love Island: The Morning After podcast, Kady revealed the truth behind Ella and Whitney’s argument.

The reality star said: “Basically, there was a rule Whitney had to have the shower first every single night because she was the longest to get ready – to the point where us girls would be waiting for 20 minutes getting ready to go downstairs, and she wasn’t ready.

“So, it was kind of a known fact that Whitney had to go first, but then sometimes it’s like if someone goes before, is it that deep?

“But like literally every night Whitney and Catherine went first because they took so long to get ready, like you’re talking three hours every night.”