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02nd Oct 2023

Jamie Dornan once downed whiskey before an audition…then threw up

Anna Martin

Jamie Dornan isn’t always as cool and collected as he seems.

Though it’s hard to imagine, 13 years ago Mr Grey made a mistake that we’re pretty sure he’ll never repeat thanks to a bottle of whiskey and some bad advice.

Speaking on The Good, The Bad & The Rugby podcast, the actor explained that the incident occurred before he auditioned for a musical in Los Angeles.

“I was in LA 13 years ago and I was auditioning for a musical and I can sing a bit. But you had to really sing and you had to sing, ‘I’ve been waiting for a girl like you,’ and it’s really f**king high,’ Jamie said.

“I had been driving around LA with my wife, then girlfriend, and I kept trying to practise the song. I was first up at 10 am with a morning audition. I had heard whiskey was good for your vocal chords and for confidence.

“So I brought a quarter bottle of Jameson’s with me. I got into the Warner Bros car park and I thought, ‘I’ll do that.’ This is before I had kids and 10 am was quite early in those days. I hadn’t eaten. The first thing that was passing my lips was whiskey.”

As you can imagine, there was only one way this could have ended – badly.

“I drank it and immediately puked. It was all over the car door in the main car park with all these executives in golf buggies and I’m puking.

“I realised I hadn’t brought chewing gum or anything, so I walked into this audition smelling like whiskey and puke. The guys were into me and they kept me there for a long time and kept making me stay and sing.”

And after all that hardship, did the Down man get the part? No, he did not. Well, it appears to have all worked out in the end for him anyway.



Jamie Dornan