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24th Feb 2016

It Looks Like Plans Are In Place For Dermot O’ Leary To Return To X Factor…

Reports suggest that Dermot O’Leary could return to The X Factor after Olly and Caroline shock departure. 

The Sun claim that Dermot O’Leary has agreed to come back to the ITV show, but is in the middle of contract negotiations.

They say that he has been asked to ‘name his price’ for a potential three-year contract should he return with an insider telling them:

“Dermot will come back to The X Factor. Talks are under way on his deal but everything is positive.

Everyone, including Dermot and Simon, has the will to make it work.”

Another insider provided more insight saying, “There is even talk Dermot could be offered the presenting job for the rest of the show’s life when a new deal is signed with ITV.

“Bosses are looking at a two or three-year contract for him.”