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25th Oct 2023

Daniel O’Donnell leaves Alison Hammond in stitches with ‘knickers’ comment

Anna Martin

daniel o'donnell

If Daniel O’Donnell wants to leave music behind he could make it as a comedian.

The Donegal man left both Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary in fits of laughter after joking about “massive knickers.”

No, we promise that’s not a typo, Daniel actually said that on ‘This Morning.’

He made the television appearance to promote his new album ‘How Lucky I Must Be,’ when he ended up slightly off-topic.

Things began pretty normal as Alison and Dermot quizzed the crooner about how he started off as a backing singer for his sister Margo before stepping into the spotlight himself.

The hosts then wanted to discuss how Daniel has been winning hearts for years as Alison said, “You’re a massive heartthrob though, aren’t you? How is that for you?”

Though Daniel seems flustered by this question insisting that it was a “lie” she kept going, asking him, “Do you still get ladies throwing knickers at you on stage?”

Well, any semblance of shiness left the 61-year-old replied, “Well, I suppose they’re just a wee bit bigger than they used to be,” catching his hosts completely off guard.

Dermot and Alison were left in stitches with Dermot adding to Daniel’s joke by saying “Aren’t we all?!” 

Daniel O'Donnell
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It took a few seconds for things to get back on track as Alison’s signature wheeze could be heard as she tried to regain her composure!

However, they did eventually change topics with Daniel revealing what soap he’d love to star in if given the chance.

“I love Corrie, I do,” he said, “I used to think that I maybe could have had an affair with Mavis [Wilton], but now Mary is all that’s left for me now. I thought we could go in the caravan for a holiday.”