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28th Feb 2016

Model Confirms Jeremy McConnell Had Always Planned a CBB Showmance

We see another Jephanie row in our future. Yikes.

The DECEIT of it all…

Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis were hardly 2016’s answer to Romeo & Juliet, but it just gets worse by the day.

After last week’s break up “misunderstanding” (sigh), it seems there may be another fight on the cards for Jephanie, if model Tara Omidi is to be believed.

Tara told The Daily Star Online that Jeremy had always planned a CBB showmance, but that the object of his affections was actually Ex on the Beach star Megan McKenna, and not Stephanie Davis.

“I think originally he thought, ‘I’ll go in there and I’ll try and get this showmance with Megan’.

‘Because before he even got into the house he was mentioning Megan. I thought, “Why would you even go on about that before you’ve even gone in there and know if you fancy her?”‘

According to the Beauty School Cop Out’s star, he only decided to take aim at Stephanie after it became clear that Megan was into Scotty T.

She continued: “It was literally like he wrote the lines down, put them in his pocket and took them into the Diary Room and read it off the paper but about Stephanie.”

We see a pretty big Jephanie row in our future.