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19th Mar 2024

Big Brother star speaks out against ‘micro-bullying’ directed at Ekin-Su

Sophie Collins

Ekin-Su, Big Brother

Levi Roots spoke out against what he described as “micro-bullying” directed at Ekin-Su during her time on the show

The fallout from Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu’s eviction from Celebrity Big Brother has sparked an online debate about micro-bullying within the reality TV space.

Micro-bullying, also known as subtle bullying, refers to subtle forms of aggression or intimidation that are often harder to detect than traditional forms of bullying. 

In response to this conversation online, former Big Brother presenter Davina McCall even weighed in on the controversy.

Following Ekin-Su’s exit from the Big Brother house alongside Levi Roots, tensions escalated during their appearance on Late & Live as they reflected on their time on the show.

Layton Williams and Big Brother host AJ Odudu raised eyebrows with their probing questions about Ekin-Su’s interactions with fellow housemates.

The scrutiny surrounding Ekin-Su’s behaviour prompted Davina McCall to share her opinion on the matter. 

Speaking on, Davina said there is such an importance of providing support and care for anyone who participates in reality TV shows, regardless of their actions inside the house. 

She acknowledged the responsibility of presenters to address public concerns about contestants’ behaviour, but said there is also a duty of care owed to participants.

Levi Roots, Ekin-Su’s co-star, echoed Davina’s sentiments and spoke out against what he described as “micro-bullying” directed at Ekin-Su during her time on the show. 

Levi Roots

Defending the ex-Love Island star on This Morning, Levi said it is his belief that she was unfairly targeted and criticised by some of her fellow housemates. 

He said there is a need to focus on the dynamics within the house rather than judging contestants based on their past experiences or external reputation.

“I didn’t think it was fair people were judging her on what she did in shows before,” he began. “I had to put a bit of an arm around her and told her she was like my daughter. And when that moment comes, you have to protect that person and I was really trying to G her up so she felt better.”

Roots then added: “When her name kept being called and people voting for her left right and centre, I really felt for her. I love Ekin-Su, she’s a brilliant girl.”

He gave his support to Ekin-Su, and spoke of how he is trying to uplift and protect her during these challenging moments, emphasising his genuine love and admiration for her as a person. 

He expressed solidarity with Ekin-Su and said she has many positive qualities, dismissing the negativity directed towards her.

As discussions about micro-bullying in reality TV continue to gain traction, Davina McCall’s and Levi Roots’ comments shed light on the importance of being kind and giving people the benefit of the doubt – despite how they are portrayed on TV.