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22nd Sep 2022

Indiyah Polack shares how islanders get away with having private, unaired conversations

We love to see it.

Love Island’s Indiyah Polack has shared just how the islanders get away with having private conversations in the villa without them ever getting aired.

After placing third on the series with Dami Hope, the 23 year old revealed how the girls could sneak off without the cameras or microphones ever being able to pick up the footage.

Most of the time they secretly talk while swimming, but Indiyah revealed there was a sneakier way they could get away with it.

Speaking to Grace Barry on the Saving Grace podcast, Indiyah revealed: “When we’re naked, they can’t air certain things.

“In the girls’ room, we always had our t**s out.

“We always did. So, like whenever someone would say something cheeky, we would just be sitting there talking with our t**s out because we know they can’t air it.”

She continued: “We’d literally just be saying stuff we shouldn’t with our t**s out cause like you can’t air this.”

“It kind of makes me think that everybody on the production would have probably seen what my t**s are like.”

Indiyah has been doing well for herself since leaving the series, announcing a collab with Boots as well as being announced as the first ever ambassador for PrettyLittle Thing’s new Marketplace app.

The new app allows customers to buy and sell pre-loved PrettyLittleThing clothing.

Sharing the news on Instagram followers at the time, she wrote: “*internally screaming* I can finally tell you what we’ve been working on for so long!! I am the FIRST EVER ambassador for [PrettyLittleThing] Marketplace!!”

“This is a dream come true and I can’t wait to bring you all on the journey with me! 05.09.22 Watch this space. RE-SELL. RE-WEAR. RE-CYCLE.”