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09th Sep 2021

Holly Willoughby in tears after Kate Garraway details Derek’s NTA nomination

Ellen Fitzpatrick

It was an emotional one.

When it comes to This Morning, most of the time Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are left in stitches, but this morning was very different.

It was an emotional morning on This Morning when co-star and friend Kate Garraway made an appearance on the show.

Kate was brought on the show to chat about being nominated for a National Television Award for her documentary Finding Derek, which follows her husbands battle with long Covid.

Calling her a “remarkable woman”, Holly began to tear up and used her sleeve to wipe away the tears.

Noticing she was getting emotional, Kate, who was on a video link, said: “Holly, are you crying? Please don’t cry!

“I don’t want to make everyone miserable!”

Holly was quick to reassure everyone she was ok, saying: “No, but you’ve done so well. Well done,” which only set Kate off in tears too.

The Good Morning Britain host has been looking after her husband for the last year after he was diagnosed and hospitalised with Covid-19 in April of 2o20 and needs around the clock care since.

While he has somewhat recovered, the political lobbyist was in a medically induced coma for a number of months but has since returned home.

“Derek’s at home now, which makes a huge difference,” Kate said. “His progress is tough, if I’m honest. It feels like there’s been no change, it feels painfully slow.”

“There’s still very little movement. He still can’t really talk. He can’t have a conversation. But we believe, and others believe, that he can understand everything, so that’s fantastic.

“He sleeps a lot of the day. Around 20 out of 24 hours in a day, sometimes even when I’m talking – which I know a lot of people have done over the years.”