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25th Apr 2015

Eight Reasons We Love Sandra Bullock

Today is "light jacket day" so we're celebrating the star of Miss Congeniality.


Today is 25th April, also known as “all you need is a light jacket day”, one of the best one-liners from a chick flick. Ever.


What better way to celebrate than count the reasons we LOVE Sandra Bullock, queen of romantic comedies.

From her hilariously bad one-liners in Miss Congeniality to the genius dance moves The Heat gave us, we’re huge fans of this actress.

Here’s a few of the reasons why.

She seems like great craic.


She went out with Ryan Gosling. Jealous much!

ryan sandra

She knows how to drive a bus


She is hilarious. These moves.

She can sing

Oh, and she just happens to be gorgeous

sandra bullock

She is VERY generous

She has donated over $1 million to the American Red Cross and then another $1 million to the tsunami fund and more to the Haiti Earthquake fund.

Her Razzie Speech