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15th Jul 2022

Gogglebox star Mica Ven welcomes her first grandchild

A huge congratulations to her.

Mica Ven, who appears in the UK version of Gogglebox alongside her partner Marcus Luther, has welcomed her first grandchild.

The salon owner shared a sweet video of her kissing newborn baby girl’s feet, and promised the child that she would grow up to be “well respected” and “well protected”.

In the caption, she wrote: “Don’t mind me, I’m just round here enjoying Graternity leave from work.

“Blessed & Grateful beyond measure to have our 1st Grandchild.”

The Gogglebox star continued: “She’s beautiful, She’s healthy and I’m gonna try my very best as her Granny to remember She’s not actually mine (…) But she’s MINE.

“Welcome to this crazy world Koko. You’ll grow up to be well respected & well protected in these streets.”

She singed the message off with her new grandmother nickname – Mama Love.

Mica was met with messages of congratulations from some of her Gogglebox co-stars.

“Aww how lovely, congratulations all of you,” wrote Izzi Warner.

Daniel Lustig-Webb wrote, “Congratulations”, while his partner Stephen Webb dubbed Mica a “Glamaa”.

In another post, Mica joked about “moving like an old Granny” after removing the reel from her profile grid by mistake.

She said: “Scroll on, I’m already moving like an old Granny, I pressed the wrong button & instead of pinning- I removed my Koko news reel from my profile grid by mistake, so I’m a just put her footsies right back on my timeline.”

Mica and Marcus have been regular fixtures on the Gogglebox roster since they joined the cast in 2018. During their time on the series, they were occasionally joined by Mica’s daughters Sachelle and Shuggy.

Mica isn’t the only Gogglebox cast member to welcome a new family addition this week. Yesterday, Georgia Bell announced that she had given birth to a baby boy, who she named Hugh.

Gogglebox is expected to return to Channel 4 in autumn.