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16th Aug 2021

Florence Pugh only has kind words to say about “gorgeous” Ireland

Sarah McKenna Barry

We love it too, Florence.

Actress Florence Pugh has been in Ireland for the past two weeks, and naturally, only has the loveliest things to say about us.

The Midsommar star is filming the adaption of Emma Donoghue’s 2016 novel The Wonder.

Over the weekend, during her trademark “Cooking with Flo” videos, Florence spoke more about her time in Ireland.

She told her followers: “I’m currently in Ireland, on a new project, and I’m loving it here.”

She later said: “Every single person I interact with is so lovely and so helpful and so kind and so ready to just have a good time with you, which has been really lovely.

“So thank you Ireland for being so generous and welcoming. I’ve only been here for two weeks but it’s been gorgeous.”

Her kind words come just days after she shared a picture of herself about to down a Guinness in an Irish pub.

The past few years in Hollywood have been certainly kind to the English actress. Following her breakthrough role in Lady MacBeth, Pugh won critical claim for her performance as Dani in Ari Aster’s horror film Midsommar.

In 2019, she starred as Amy March in Greta Gerwig’s adaption of Little Women, which earned her an Academy Award nomination.

Earlier this year, she played Yelena Belova in Marvel’s hugely popular Black Widow, which is available to stream on Disney+.

In Netflix’s upcoming adaption of The Wonder, Florence will play Lib Wright, an English nurse who comes to Ireland to observe an 11 year-old child who refuses to eat, but appears to be in good health.

The actress shared a photo of herself in costume in the period drama on Instagram last week.

In her caption, she shared that she’s been “traipsing around the Irish hills for the last week”, and described the experience as “magnificent”.