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24th Feb 2022

The dress Meghan Markle wore in her Oprah interview is going into a museum

What a dress.

How could anyone forget the floral Armani dress that Meghan Markle wore for her sit-down with Oprah Winfrey? Not us, that’s for sure.

Well, it’s going up in a museum, England’s Fashion Museum Bath is planning to have the dress from the iconic interview as its centrepiece for a new exhibit – A History of Fashion in 100 Objects.

The dress is being displayed as Dress of the Year 2021 after Dazed’s Ibrahim Kamara and Gareth Wrighton choose to display it as this year’s most-memorable dress, but not for the reason you might think.

The pair chose this dress specifically due to its meme-ability, not our first thought when we saw it but each to their own.

“In today’s hyper-stylized pop culture, the Dress of the Year now has the potential to also be ‘meme of the year’ and we both latched upon Meghan and Harry’s now-iconic interview with Oprah as the definitive anti-establishment moment that will forever endure in the British collective consciousness,” Kamara and Wrighton said in a press release.

They also noted that the situation with the royal family at the time, Meghan’s second pregnancy and the interview itself was also a factor for making the whole thing more memorable.

“Meghan’s wrap dress by Armani, worn to showcase a divine pregnancy, framed the Duchess in black against the bountiful landscaping of Tyler Perry’s Hollywood garden,” the statement continued. “This look now, through sheer association with a viral television moment, is firmly ingrained in our pop culture psyche.”

Unfortunately, it won’t be Meghan’s actual dress that will be on display, but the same design from Armani will be laid out for the public.

“This is a fabulous addition to the Fashion Museum collection,” the museum’s manager, Rosemary Harden, told InStyle. “There are moments in history that are all about the dress and Meghan’s interview with Oprah was just such an occasion. The softly structured Armani dress with beautiful appliquéd lotus flower motif was part of a carefully curated look, guaranteed to send messages, and to imprint itself in our consciousness time and time again. Thank you to Ibrahim and Gareth for this landmark selection for the Dress of the Year Collection, and to Armani for most generously gifting the dress to the Museum.”