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28th Dec 2019

Cody Simpson has denied cheating on Miley Cyrus

She followed it up with by saying “start dating your best friend ASAP.”

Rumours began swirling on the world wide web this week that Cody Simpson cheated on Miley Cyrus.

He was spotted out partying in New York with model Jordy Murray and they apparently kissed. During that time, Miley shared ‘My Sad Christmas Song’ on social media.

Everyone assumed the couple broke up, but according to Cosmopolitan, Cody’s sister rushed to her brother’s defence and said that he and Jordy are only friends.

Cody then took to Twitter a few days ago to squash the rumours:

“We are all gossiping our way into ignorance, attempting to relieve ourselves of the concern that we are really swirling into oblivion on a burning planet. If only we gave more thought to how we may possibly save our earth and less to the trivialities of celebrity culture.

“Gossip outlets are the plague of journalism. If more people concerned themselves with literature and not the poison of the mind that is most news columns we’d maybe be in a better place as a society.”

His agent also told E! News, “there is absolutely no truth to this story. Cody went out with a friend and all the rest is fabricated. Period.”

To further clear up the break up rumours, Miley took to Twitter last night with this tweet:

So we guess that’s that then.