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03rd Feb 2018

Cardi B’s blunt response to pregnancy rumours has us all shook in the best way

Jade Hayden

cardi b

If there was going to be anyone to shut down a pregnancy rumour in the bluntest way possible, it was always going to be Cardi B.

The rapper has not been one to mince her words in the past and she’s 100 percent not about to start now.

The other day, Cardi shared a video of her lip-syncing and dancing around.

However, one fan took it upon themselves to ask the artist whether there was a “Kylie Jenner secret” that she wasn’t telling them.

They wrote:

“Is there maybe a Kylie Jenner secret that we need to know about lol just asking.”

Cardi wasn’t all that content with them “just asking” though and she responded accordingly… with the bluntest reply you’ll ever see on Instagram, probably.

She said:

“No bitch I’m just getting fat. Let me fat in peace.”


It almost seems like a day can’t go by without another female celebrity being asked if they’re pregnant.

And sure, a lot of people have been getting pregnant lately, but that doesn’t mean that every woman with a slight bump on their belly is going to be welcoming a child anytime soon.

There are plenty of reasons as to why a woman’s stomach may look slightly bigger from one day to the next.

She might have had a particularly large burrito for lunch.

She might be on her period and be susceptible to bloating during this time.

Or she might just have put on a bit of weight because people need to eat food and being ripped isn’t at the top of all our agendas, alright?

In Cardi’s case, we can see why fans might have a hunch or two, in fairness to them.

The rapper has been engaged to fellow musician Offset since last year, so it wouldn’t be too off the wall to suggest that the pair might be expecting seeing as they are in a relationship and all.

Still though, we’re sure that if Cardi becomes pregnant, she’ll let people know whenever.

And in the meantime, she’ll continue to call out people who think she’s about to become a mother just because she might have gained a bit of weight.

Fair play, girl.