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19th Feb 2024

Fans call on reporter to apologise to Andrew Scott after ‘disgusting’ interview questions

Jody Coffey

Andrew Scott's

“Andrew handles it with supreme tact — but why was he even asked this?”

With all of the buzz around the BAFTA Film Awards this week in London, it’s sad to hear Andrew Scott’s name attached to it for all the wrong reasons.

The award-winning Irish actor attended the awards ceremony to promote and support his multi-nominated film, All Of Us Strangers, which he starred in alongside Paul Mescal.

During a red carpet interview, instead of focusing on his association with the BAFTA-nominated film he starred in, BBC reporter, Colin Paterson, directed his questioning toward another nominated movie, Saltburn.

 “Do you know Barry [Keoghan] well?” the reporter asked Scott, to which he answered, “I know Barry, yeah.”

The interviewer then pressed the actor for his thoughts on the final scene of Saltburn, which saw Keoghan dance nude.

“What was your reaction when you first saw the naked dance scene at the end of Saltburn?” as someone in the background yelled out, “no spoilers please!”

Scott, who appeared perplexed by the question, responded: “Listen I won’t spoil it for anybody but it’s great, it’s great…”

However, the reporter asked the Fleabag actor to ‘spoil away’, adding, “There is a lot of talk about prosthetics, how well do you know him?”

Scott then seems to uncomfortably gloss over the question before turning away, leaving the reporter to laugh and say “Too much! Too much!”

Following the publication of the interview, X (formerly Twitter) users have expressed their disappointment and anger about the line of questioning the Irish actor was subjected to.

Many users were bewildered by the link between Saltburn and Scott, with some accusing the reporter of having an underlying tone of homophobia in his questions and are now calling for an apology from the BBC.

Despite the awkward encounter, the Sherlock star has been commended for his reaction toward the reporter, with many users praising him for his ‘supreme tact’ and for walking away.

All Of Us Strangers was nominated for five awards at the ceremony; Outstanding British Film, Adapted Screenplay, Casting, Claire Foy in the Supporting Actress category, and Paul Mescal in the Supporting Actor category.