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20th Jan 2024

Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal credit All of Us Strangers film for ‘bromance’

Jody Coffey

Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal

The bromance we never knew we needed!

Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal Paul look back on the filming of their latest film, All of Us Strangers, as the start of their friendship.

The two actors sat down with Patrick Kielty last night on the Late Late Show to discuss the upcoming movie, which hits Irish cinemas on January 26th.

While on the talk show, the pair referenced the ‘bromance’ that fans have been obsessed with as of late.

Speaking to the host, Mescal admitted that he was a ‘huge admirer’ of Scott’s work for years prior to them working together.

“But I think, actually, All of Us Strangers was the catalyst for the friendship, or the bromance, that people are referencing now, which I think happened as a result of filming All of Us Strangers.”

Scott added that the two had ‘chemistry’, which he says makes the experience of acting together a lot easier, particularly for romantic scenes.

“I don’t necessarily mean it’s like physical chemistry or whatever. Chemistry’s a really weird thing with actors; you just have to really enjoy acting with each other.

“But it’s really helped when you like the person! And we had really intense stuff to do in the movie, and that kind of bonds you when you’re sitting naked.”

“On a Monday morning at nine o’clock!” Mescal joked, with Scott agreeing, “You gotta have a laugh!”

Scott described the Andrew Haigh-directed film as a ‘really beautiful film’ and a ‘love story’ while praising Mescal both professionally and personally.

“It’s about romantic love, but it’s also about familial love, and there’s so much stuff that requires such compassion and delicacy, and Paul, I think, is the king of just being able to convince us of so many things just through so little.

“He’s just a beautiful actor because he’s such a great person. It’s been one of the most extraordinarily beautiful privileges of my life to work with Paul, and so wonderful to have a working relationship but also just to develop a friendship like we have.

“It’s really important, particularly in these very intimidating places we get to go to, it’s just brilliant to have somebody that you love.”

Sharing the same sentiment, Mescal labelled Scott’s performance in All of Us Strangers as ‘absurdly brilliant’.

“And to get the share the screen with him, to me, is one of the greatest professional and personal privileges of my life. He’s an extraordinary human being.”

It is anticipated that All of Us Strangers will receive Oscar nominees on January 23rd after receiving both BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations.