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29th Feb 2024

Ariana Grande appears to address ‘homewrecker’ rumours

Anna Martin

ariana grande

Ariana Grande has been making headlines lately and not for her upcoming album

The pop star was branded a ‘homewrecker’ after she started dating her Wicked co-star last summer after divorcing Dalton Gomez, while Ethan split from his childhood sweetheart Lilly Jay.

The public began questioning the timeline of their respective splits and when they started dating with many suspecting that infidelity played a part in their relationship.

Now it seems that Ariana has addressed the drama during an appearance on the Zach Sang Show that was released Monday, as she took aim at the tabloids and media.

“The thing is, we know this about the tabloids and about the media. Am I crazy? Don’t we know this?” she told her host which fans took as her speaking at arm’s length about her relationship.

“We selectively remember that this is what the tabloids do to people, especially women, based on whether or not we like the person.”

When asked whether there was anything she wished people knew about her after the events of last year, the songstress replied, “Plenty.”

Ariana continued: “[The media leaves space for] their friends and family, but they turn it off when that aligns with the version of a person that they have in their head that they want to believe is true.”

“We don’t need to go into any specifics, but of course there’s an insatiable frustration, inexplicable hellish feeling, watching people misunderstand the people you love, and you.”

To date, neither the singer nor the actor have commented publicly on the nature of their relationship.

The pair, however, have been photographed together on a number of occasions since Ethan joined the cast of Broadway’s Spamalot last autumn.

ariana grande ethan slater
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Though the couple have been quiet, Ethan’s ex-wife Lilly has openly criticised Ariana, labelling her “Not a girl’s girl,” in a scathing interview with the Daily Mail.

The new mom added at the time: “I am focused on rebuilding a life for our son and rebuilding a life for him. This is what I am trying to do, and this is my only focus.”

Despite denials from those close to Ariana and Ethan regarding allegations of an affair, the two-time Grammy winner fueled more adverse reactions with the release of her latest single Yes, And? earlier this year, a song from her upcoming album, Eternal Sunshine.

The chart-topping song seemed to refer to the controversy surrounding the singer’s love life.