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23rd Feb 2024

Love Is Blind stars Jimmy and Chelsea prove that love can very much see

Anna Martin

Love is blind jimmy and chelsea

At this point, most of us have seen a Love Is Blind clip on TikTok

To be exact it’s probably something to do with this season’s official disaster couple, Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell, have proven.

If you’re not in the loop we’ll give you a quick rundown on how this whole thing started.

Basically, when the two were still in the early days of dating in their pods, Jimmy asked Chelsea if she had any celebrity look-alikes, trying to get an idea of her appearance when he still couldn’t see her face.

She then said to him: “I do too, all the time on the plane! I get one person and it’s just because I have dark hair and blue eyes.

Love is blind jimmy and chelsea
Credit: Netflix

“But I don’t see it, so don’t get excited. I don’t even know if it’s MGK’s wife or his girlfriend.”

Take note of that last part, the flight attendant clearly states that she does get why she’s compared to the Jennifer’s Body actress and all she did was answer the question.

So when Jimmy breaks up with his other potential love interest Jessica Vestal he’s all in with this other woman that he’s never met, banking on the fact she believes she looks like Meghan Fox.

Yup, these two were doomed from the start and things only got worse when they met face-to-face for the first time.

“She definitely lied to me about some, uh, how she looked,” he said. “Chelsea told me she looked like Megan Fox.

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. I am very attracted to her. I can work with that.” Okay let’s stop right there, she never claimed she looked like Meghan Fox, she explained that passengers at work tell her she does but she can’t see it.

Love is blind jimmy and chelsea
Credit: Netflix

From here it seems like Jimmy holds a resentment towards his future wife for not matching the idea of her that he created in his head and the couple have been on a rocky path so far.

Chelsea repeatedly questions whether Jimmy is really attracted to her and if he regrets choosing her over Jess. Then, in an extremely problematic and weird moment in episode six, Jimmy tells Chelsea at the couples’ meetup on the beach that Amber Desiree Smith is “stacked.”

Chelsea initially plays off the comment but later confesses to him in a tense confrontation in their hotel room that the interaction made her feel “uncomfy.”

It’s soon forgotten but things don’t improve when Jimmy and Chelsea get back to North Carolina.

In episode eight, Chelsea’s insecurity over whether Jimmy regrets choosing her over Jess persists, rearing its head in a conversation with Chelsea’s friends the day they meet Jimmy where she tells them that he saw a picture of Jess the other day and complains that he didn’t kiss her once that day.

Later that night, Chelsea and Jimmy talk about the affection and words of affirmation she feels she’s missing from him, and her belief that he’s still thinking about Jess.

Jimmy tells Chelsea she’s been clingy, and the conversation devolves from there into a major argument, where Jimmy leaves and Chelsea is in tears.

Now while looks definitely aren’t everything, they do play a role in many relationships according to a 2015 study, being physically attracted to one’s partner is linked to greater marriage satisfaction and longevity.

These two don’t even look like they want to walk down the aisle.

Love Is Blind doesn’t seem to actually want any of the on-screen relationships to work out, instead they prioritise drama and TikTok views.

The show has been subject to serious allegations of awful workplace conditions and mostly seems uninterested in creating real connections.

Love is blind jimmy and chelsea
Credit: Netflix

It’s really a show about people having a truly strange experience in those pods, then throwing them out in a manufactured version of the real world and watching things crumble for the cameras.

Everyone will have cringey moments and very few people will come out of it looking good. In exchange, everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame and Love Is Blind gets views.