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01st Dec 2016

25 tweets that prove Ryan Reynolds is a wise and funny man

1. On those precious father/daughter moments


2. On ‘squal goals’


3. On telling the difference between Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds


3. On taking a break from the kids


4. On how the world works


5. On Kelis’ biggest single


6. On painting


7. On being apart from your kids


8. On milk


9. On the important birthdays


10. On quiche


11. On anxiety


12. On babies being cute


13. On the moral of the story


14. On what it means to be a father


15. On dogs


16. On the joys of fatherhood


17. On the greatest novel of the 21st century


18. On earning your stripes


19. On rites of passage


20. On dick pics


21. On his daughter’s birthday


22. On KFC


23. On the lengths he’d go to


24. On kids’ art


25. On sunset


Feature: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images