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22nd Jan 2024

Fans are all saying the same thing about the It Ends With Us film

Kat O'Connor

Blake Lively has been busy filming the Colleen Hoover movie

The cast and crew of ‘It Ends With Us‘ have been busy turning the novel into a hit movie. The Colleen Hoover book quickly became a best-selling novel and one of the most talked about books on BookTok.

However, it’s set to get the Hollywood treatment when it is released in cinemas this summer. Blake Lively has been cast as Lily, the protagonist whose love life readers are completely obsessed with.

Justin Baldoni has been cast as Ryle and Brandon Sklenar will play Atlas in the screen adaption.

The highly-anticipated film will be released this summer with the team confirming a June 21st release date.

As excited as fans are, many have expressed their concerns about the movie. Adapting a film for the screen is always tricky because fans of the book have high expectations.

The film’s team can’t possibly fit every detail of the book into a motion picture.

It’s disappointing but it’s just part of taking a story from the pages to the big screen.

There will be details left out and plots altered, but they always try their best to do the book justice.

Unfortunately, fans feel the wardrobe department has already stumbled at the first hurdle with Lily’s wardrobe.

Blake Lively is known for her impeccable style but Lily is the opposite of the actress

Lily has been pictured in some questionable outfits on set and fans have been expressing their shock over how disappointing the costumes are.

We may be used to seeing the Gossip Girl alum in divine couture and flawlessly tailored suits, but maybe Lily’s style is just different.

Some fans have sworn they’re not going to watch the movie solely because of how Lively is styled, but would we say the same about a male lead?

We’ve not yet watched even a trailer to see if Blake Lively has captured the character of Lily perfectly so maybe we should just wait and see.

Never judge a book by its cover and never judge a lead actress by her unique costumes. It Ends With Us may surprise us.