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01st Aug 2018

New ad depicting Irish mum living with cancer is extremely powerful

Jade Hayden

boots cancer

Boots has launched a new campaign to support people living with cancer.

Their ‘Feel Like You Again’ ad features an Irish mother living a normal day with cancer.

In the video, she attends her son’s GAA match, before returning home and removing her wig.

The video then shows her using an eyebrow pencil and putting on lipstick and power earlier in the day before she left the house.

Boots hope the campaign will encourage people who are living with cancer to avail of the store’s free cancer beauty services.

Alongside the Irish Cancer Society, they are aiming to increase awareness around cancer, promote prevention and support those living with the disease.

Since 2012, 100 Boots cancer beauty advisors and 150 cancer information pharmacists have been trained in-store to offer tips and one-to-one advice to help manage the effects of the condition.

Earlier this year, beauty advisor, Rose, told Her that a lot of the women she meets are lacking in confidence.

She said that the Boots advisors want to help them feel like themselves again.

“A lot of women who come in think that they’re ugly – they’re not,” she says. “Everyone has beauty inside themselves, but sometimes they just need a little help finding it.”

Many women who are diagnosed with cancer face losing their eyebrows and eyelashes as well as their hair, leading to changes in their beauty regimes.

Cancer treatment may cause a person’s skin to change colour slightly too, leaving them with a complexion that they are generally not used to.

“Some women need help finding a foundation match,” says Rose. “And others haven’t been wearing makeup at all since their diagnosis.”

“Our job is to make sure that they leave the shop looking and feeling great about themselves. It’s a lovely experience.”

Ahead of the store’s new campaign, Boots’ head of marketing Gillian Hennessy said:

“Our message is simple, we’re here to support those with cancer when they need it, whether it’s advice on medicines and local services from our information pharmacists or beauty and skincare advice from our cancer beauty advisors.”

Consultations with a Boots cancer beauty advisor can be booked here. 

These consultations are free and are conducted by one of the many members of staff trained to support and advise people living with cancer.