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14th Jul 2018

This viral trick will make it SO much easier to pick the perfect nail colour

Decisions, decisions.

Orlaith Condon

nail trend

Picking the perfect shade can be tough.

When getting a fresh manicure, it can be tough to choose a colour. With so many options on display, we can be blinded by choice.

Not knowing what colour might work best on us, we choose randomly in the hopes we’ll be left with seriously divine talons.

However, one woman has come up with a truly genius way to help you make the perfect choice.

Texan teen Emma Young found a very clever way of using Snapchat to pick the perfect nail polish colour.

viral nail hack that lets you pick a colour on snapchat

Using Snapchats new custom sticker option, Emma applied the options to her nails through the app to choose the perfect one.

Sharing her hack on Twitter, Emma’s method has been liked over 260,000 times and retweeted nearly 100,000 times.

Never shall you struggle to make a decision at the nail bar again.