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16th Jul 2022

This 70s blush trend is going viral again

Draping blush has been enjoying a bit of resurgence as of late, and we can see why.

While the 70s was known for its distinctive fashion – flower power, headbands and flares – the era was also an important one in terms of beauty.

One beauty trend that dominated the decade is currently seeing a modern resurgence, and we’re here for it.

According to Glamour, blush draping was a favourite of Cher’s makeup artist Way Bandy, and the superstar helped popularise it. It subsequently remained a popular beauty trend in the 80s, and now, it’s enjoying a comeback. This cosmetic technique involves applying blush to the upper areas of the face, particularly under the eyes and on the temples. Think of it, more or less as contouring with blush instead of highlighter or bronzer.

As well as adding a new, more uplifting dynamic to your face, 70s and 80s blush is also a very simple alternative to dramatic eyeshadow.

On TikTok, 70s blush is trending, with many users breaking down the draping blush technique.


@fancyfaceinc Cher’s Blush Technique From The 70’s ? #blush #blushtrend #fallblush #rosyblush #blushing #pinkblush #makeuphack #makeuptutorial #beautyhack ♬ Believe – Cher

One beauty blogger, @fancyfaceinc, recommends using a rosy tone to achieve the look that Cher popularised. She also advises practitioners to start applying the blush above the eye before draping it downwards over the temples, and then across the very top of the cheekbone, and into the hairline as well.

“Creating that C shape really makes the whole look seamless and foolproof,” she says.


@feliciamaariemakeup Trying out the old-school blush draping technique!!! I’m shook ? #makeup #blushcontour #makeuptips #beautyhacks #80smakeup ♬ original sound – felicia marie

Another beauty blogger, @feliciamaariemakeup, is more liberal with her technique and applies a cream blush stick in all the areas she normally contours. For her, this includes the cheekbone, but also across the top of her forehead, her nose and her chin. After applying her cream product, she adds another layer of powder blush. She then enhances it in certain areas with her cream blush again.