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14th Nov 2019

Expert explains why nail-trimming is best avoided when trying to prolong your manicure

Olivia Hayes

If you’re fond of the odd gel or shellac manicure, then you could be ruining it without even intending to.

Gel or shellac manicures are handy because they last way longer than a regular mani and will look fresh no matter what you’ve been up to.

However, there does come times when they grow a little bit two long or get a snag – so you automatically think ‘grand, I’ll just cut that little bit off’.

Not grand.

Doing that actually ruins your manicure and will make it break much quicker.

Expert nail technician Amy Ling Lin told InStyle: “Trimming your nails will break the seal at the tip of your nail [created by the gel polish and UV light], making it more vulnerable to chipping, peeling, and snagging.”

She added that if you think your nails are too long, you’re better off just redoing the entire nail or hand.

“The best option would be a fresh manicure, or just a redo of that particular nail. A fresh manicure nourishes the cuticle and moisturises the nails, and creates a fresh protective coat on top.”

Well, there you have it. Now, if only we could afford a new manicure every time our nails chip…