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01st May 2015

The Internet Guesses Your Age Now – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Well... that just hurt our feelings.

Rebecca McKnight

You can always rely on the Internet to make you feel bad about yourself. 

The latest genius tool on line is Microsoft’s How Old Do I Look, which uses facial analysis to guess your age and gender from a single photo.

Launched on Wednesday, HODIL uses “state-of-the-art, cloud-based algorithms” to recognise faces, then has a go at guessing how many years you’ve been hanging around on the planet.

On really evidence (Team spending the past half hour trying to find our “youngest-looking” pro-fo, this tool is a long, long way away from providing an accurate result.

One of our 25-year-old staffers just aged 50 years and changed genders, while a 26-year-old in our midsts is apparently actually a nine-year-old in clever disguise.

Have a go – let us know what age you really are and what age the Internet thinks you might be. Tweet us at @herdotie!


I used my current Facebook profile picture, taken in November after I dyed my hair back to a more natural colour after ten years of blonde highlights. Microsoft thinks I’m 33. As I just turned 30, that’s a bit hurtful. Screw you Internet.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.48.03


According to the website I am a nine-year-old girl. In reality I’m a 26-year-old woman. Still, that’ll bode well for me in 30 years time!

what age 1


I’m 29 and love the fact that 16 years got chopped off my age… though I don’t really fancy being 13 again, all that teenage angst. Couldn’t deal.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.49.28


One photo placed me at my own age, (27), but after five more tries, clearly my real age is 30. You could spend hours having the craic with this particularly when friends/family members have different ages!



I’m the youngest member of the team, (25), and I am HORRIFIED. In another photo, they think my mother is younger than me. FML.

cassie 73