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17th Jul 2015

The Beauty Drop – Clarins Autumn 2015 Make-Up Collection

Pretty Day. Pretty Night.

Cathy Donohue

In our new weekly feature we’re picking a highlight that’s landed on the beauty desk and giving you the lowdown on the beauty break-through, the budget and the reasons you should buy…

The Beauty Buzz

So, we’re only halfway through summer but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about what’s on the way for autumn.

The fashion and beauty industries are always planning ahead and the latest brand to showcase their new season wares is Clarins.

The Pretty Day & Night collection aims to provide you with everything you need to create a flawless look, whatever the occasion and let’s just say, it doesn’t disappoint.

2015-look-automne-pretty-day-mannequin LOW_opt
The Pretty Day look

The Beauty Brand

Clarins was established in 1954 by masseur Jacques Courtin. He made his own treatment oils which aimed to firm skin and sold them from his salon in Paris.

Although it started as a luxury skincare brand, Clarins has grown extensively and now boasts an extensive range of beauty products.

As a brand, Clarins is respectful of biodiversity and what sets it apart is the company’s knowledge of plants and their contribution to skincare.

The Beauty Break-through

Without a doubt, the stand-out pieces in this collection are the eyeshadow palettes and although you might try to limit yourself to buying one, it’s a VERY difficult choice.

Priced at €38, the palettes contain five eyeshadows full of the good stuff, aka plant extracts and minerals.

The mix of nude shades in Pretty Day aim to “naturally emphasise” the eyes while Pretty Night will dramatise your peepers with “dark and intense” colours.

2015-palette-yeux-01-pretty-day LOW_opt
The Pretty Day eyeshadow palette

The Beauty Budget

Although the eyeshadow palettes are the “wow” items in this collection, there’s a few other drops too.

The Pretty Day & Night collection launches on 27th July 2015 and you’ll get to choose from a number of products including the Eyebrow Pencil (€20), Crayon Kohl (€19), Be Long Mascara (€26), Instant Light Perfecting Base (€25), Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch (€28), and Rouge Eclat lipsticks (€28).

They Say:

“This Autumn, Clarins meets all your make-up desires, both day and night. Create the look that reflects who you are, and play with a variety of styles for beautiful make-up results!”

2015-palette-yeux-02-pretty-night LOW_opt
The Pretty Night palette

We Say:

We will admit to being swayed by pretty packaging but all the sparkles in the world won’t make up for products that don’t do what they say they will.

That’s not the case in this instance as this collection looks great and performs well.

You’ll be able to create endless eye make-up looks with the palettes and if you buy both, you’ll be able to customise your own combinations (we may have already crossed over to the dark side on this one).

2015-look-automne-pretty-night-mannequin LOW_opt
A look achieved with the Pretty Night eye palette

Clarins lipsticks are renowned for being moisturising and glossy so you can get a high-impact look without turning your lips to sandpaper and as brows are KEY, the eyebrow pencil is a must-have purchase.